A Tainted Love...

2009-04-02 10:26:55 by ShadowNazi169

i'm kinda stuck right now, life is good but my relationship might be falling apart. as of now, me and twitch are engaged and are just waiting for her to turn 18. but recently there have been rumors spreading through work and the places i hang that i'm secretly fucking my old gf, she has been coming over recently to help me on some poses i don know how to do. i see where they're stemming from, and it's almost breaking my relationship appart. i've heard it said that those who love me will be doomed to a "Tainted Love," doomed to live with the lifestyle i have made and those who want me dead or alive.

Jack Vincent Krauser.
(the pic is of my fastest MC3 69 Dodge Charger.)

A Tainted Love...


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2009-04-07 10:26:17

I feel so sorry for u. I feel like you're not my friend anymore. I know that I'm always hanging out with Gary, but I don't think u even hang out with him anymore either. If u want to hang out with me, just call me or somthing and let me know. I really hope that I'm still friends with u and Mike when we graduate. I really fear that we wouldn't be.

ShadowNazi169 responds:

i still am it's just that shits fucked up right now and lot is happening. we hang out when we all get the chance but work and things always get in the way, plus the whole moving to cali. you all are my friends and i'd like to keep it that way, i'm just dealing with alot right now.


2009-04-09 18:19:10

Moving to Cali? What's with that?