MC3 Absence.

2009-04-08 19:29:30 by ShadowNazi169

My Grandfather died this afternoon, so i'm taking some time to think about things. get shit figured out and try and get my life back into some kind of order. but i have some good news, my court is finally over and it's not as bad as i thought it would be. all i got was 40 hours of community service, if i miss that it;s 7 days in jail. the judge liked that i have no record and let me go easy, plus he said he'd be waiting for my name to start appearing on some video games. i'm gonign to collage to study game design and programing, i have a nice collection of sweet gaming things, enough to know what is good and bad in video games.

(the pic is another of my MC3 cars, "Wingless.")

MC3 Absence.


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