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Audio Artist?

2008-12-17 18:31:30 by ShadowNazi169

i've recently placed a few of my songs onto newgrounds, i was just fucking around with this music maker i have on my computer. but apparently some of them are actually good, to an extent.

oh yeah, that reminds me. "Angel in Darkness" is on now, somebody got ahold of it and make a flash out of it. all it says though is "made by Jack Krauser" so it's more of a sound clip though.

i love the fact that most people who listen to the music don't vote no it to help it's score, and i really don't care if to hurt mine at all. i vote on those i listen to, it'll help them get popularity among the others. praising or saying it sucks ass is still votin on it, but that's just me though.

Audio Artist?

New Horse Project.

2008-12-05 18:54:27 by ShadowNazi169

i've been inspired and i'm goona create a series of my horse girls, hentai and not. it'll be one big ass project, plus i'm starting the rewrite for Crossing the Line. i've started to upgrade the characters looks and behaviors, makeing them seem more human looking. i'm still not donw with anatomy checks and things but i'm definatley getting better, now i'll just tackle something different.

(my new art signature!)

New Horse Project.

Night Life Back on Track.

2008-11-07 21:53:07 by ShadowNazi169

after so long i've gotten back on my flash series, night life. i've started to redo the sketches for some of the characters, i've learned some noew things about anatomy and such so i'm inproving them. i'm currently working the kinks out of the written manuscripts and getting some new voice actors for some of the characters, it's a long ass process. but i'm finally back on them, i'm also started on my comics again. i'm starting to get back into the hang of things after the summers events, buts it's funner now. i've traveled back over to tokyo, and i'm here with trouble and ghost boo. we are currently trying to thing of things for 'the choices we make' the comic me, trouble and sakura are gonna do.
Here's an Ace of Spades page to tide you over untill i get my new sketches uploaded.

Night Life Back on Track.

after so long, i'm finally getting back to redesigning some of my original characters. first on the list is my characters for Project Angel, i just finished the redesign for the main character Sly Anderson. it turned out more human looking this time, it's gooten better since i've been using posemaniacs to help with the proportions.

Check it out.

Finally Back on Track Again.

i actually just got done beating a game i bought because it sound like it could waste some of my time, and i have to say that it turned out to be one of the greatist games i've ever played. it's the story of the reanimated sun god Amaterasu, brought back as she was 100 years before as a snow white wolf. 100 years ago ammy (amaterasu for short) and a human named Negi defeted a demon called Orochi, the eight headed sirpent. but in the battle, ammy was wounded by the beasts poison and died afterwards in the village, the villages then felt bad for haveing treated her with such disreapect, because they thought she was one of orochi's helpers. they built a memorial in her honor and the village was at peace again, but 100 years passed and it turned quickly. on the eve of orochi's defeat, a figure went to the shrine built to seal him away. this figure pulled the sword negi had used to finish the beast off, and releaced orochi back into the world. upon it's return it spread darkness acrost the lands of neepon, turning it into a wasteland. when it started to affect the village, the gaurdian tree spirit (who's name i can't remember...) appeared to see what was going on. she saw the devestation that was being caused by orochi and awakened Ammy.

upon her awakening, they had discovered that all of her celestrial brush teckneques where gone. with the spirit appeared a little bug who's name was issun, the wandering artist. he decides to tag along with ammy in order to steal the brush teckneques, and so he does. they travel allover the lands, venturing from the forests all the way to the castle. but the first on the list was orochi, he had to be stoped. ammy and issun headed for the forests where the key to dispelling his barrier lay, and upon entering there they meet a shamen nemed Waka. he tells ammy profacyes when they meet, he'll disappear after each one is complete. but in the end he steals the item and breaks the barrier, with it gone ammy and negi's decendite sussano defeat orochi once again. when the beast dies it's vile spirit splits off and disappers acrost the land, waiting to be reborn. the pieces of orochi's spirit become:
Blight, a virus that creates a acidic mist that covers the imperial city, almost killing all with in it's walls.
Spider Queen, a monster who hides in the forests and traps innocent passers and kills them.
Crimson Helm, this creature was born from orochi's blood, he stops the sacrid wings from blowing in the north.
Nine Tails, a fox using the nine pipe fox spirits, he is the one who kills the queen of the city after discising himself as the priestess, he killed the two of them, only to get defeated by ammy.

you actually have to go into the past and help negi defeat orochi the first time, to make the legends true. after it's defeat, the real ammy from that time appears and saves negi from orochi's final attack, getting wounded. at the end of the game you need to go after Yami, the ruler of all evil. but only ammy is allowed to journey to the shit Yamamoto, carrier of the celestrial beings. it is here yami waits, within the bowels of the ship. ammy goes to defeat yami, leaving issun on the grounds. yami turns out to be a greater enemy then expected, stealing all the brush strokes, leaving ammy a mear mortal wolf. but she gains them back and he destroys them once and for all. but issun spreads the word that ammy was actually a god and was fighting the evil now, the country starts to believe in her and they're prayier awaken the true ammy, fully restored powers and all. she defeats yami and heads back to the celestrial plain to set the world right again, leaving issun to inspire faith in her.

(this is a picture from the game, the black demon is Orochi, on the left is negi, and on the right is ammy.)

Okami, the greatist game ever.

A New Post, Finally.

2008-10-05 17:13:31 by ShadowNazi169

sup yall. it's been a whle since i've been on newgrounds, been kinda busy. i've had to deal with my friends, family, personal problems, relationship problems (both my own and friends) and other things. but i'm back and i'll be on for a few, just to upload some pictures, check out some submitions and things though. maybe check out the audio portal again, it's in the air right now.

Here's some more artwork from me, it's a piece for "Choices We Make," mine and troubles comic.
the horse is Jack Krauser, (Me, Ah Yeah.)
and the mouse is his lover Krystal Night, the super ninja.

A New Post, Finally.

New Characters...

2008-09-07 23:21:28 by ShadowNazi169

look at him, Cyris Valentine.

New Characters...

News Post.

2008-08-29 12:52:33 by ShadowNazi169

Sweet i got a deviant art page now, DeviantArt! plus i finally got those damned wires cutt off, i can finally eat solid foods again. but my doctor says that i should stick to soft stuff untill the muscles in my jaw are more willing to go back to work again, so i get to eat pudding and roman! Oh yeah, i've got some more pictures of the truck for you all.

On the top left is the passenger side of the truck just behind the cab, where it meets the box.
On the top right is a picture of the steering wheel if you where looking at it from the passenger seat, that is what broke my jaw.
On the bottom left is the section where the pole hit as she sitts now, we've parted the front.
On the bottom right is the front now, we've stripped her of the front clip, radiator, both front fenders and bumper.

i'm hoping that the engine can be saved, the rest of the truck is screwed. the frame is bent and the driveshaft is twisting just right so that the back tires wont move anymore, i've pulled out my sterio and speakers because they where the things that could be saved from the interior.

hopefully i'll have another '76 chevy cheyenne soon enough, one that has no engine. that one will get a new heart and the body of mine will be sent to rest in a junkyard somewhere, "They" won't let me keep it. i have some ideas for her, but i have to give her up.

Edit: The engine still wants to turn over and start, it's a miracle of michanical science. all i need is a piece that fits into the distributor cap and to fit the distributor back into it's place, one that's done it will start again.

News Post.

Busy Week...

2008-08-26 18:17:27 by ShadowNazi169

well now, i feels good to get back onto newgrounds again after resting from the broken jaw. hopefully the wires will be cut off this up-coming thursday, i am PRAYING for it. but i have greater news then that, and it's not that i got a new girl. i need a fuck buddy and not some winny girl hanging from my wallet, friends with bennefits. over the last few days, me and trouble have been pouring out ideas and we started a new comic. we have no title yet, but the starting pages are good and we have a constent theme so it's a start. this is page one, the other two still need to be shaded. plus i have a new comic, but it has no title also. the characters have names but nothing else, it's a work in progress. it'll be one of the longest comics i've ever done, it will span from the main characters childhoods all the way to their adult life and probibly into that some. i've got my work cut out for me...

Busy Week...

Broken Jaw......

2008-08-12 10:34:41 by ShadowNazi169

Guys, this sucks. I needed to go home to deal with some family stuff back in the states, so i flew over night. i was dead tired when i got home and tried to drive home, but i was too tired. on my way home, i hit a light pole and wrecked my 73 chevy pick-up. all i can remember is closing my eyes for a second like blinking, then i opened then as i was a couple feet from the pole. i hit it on the drivers sides, where the headlight is. when it was over, i couldn't open my door because it was totaled. so i had to get out by the passenger door, and when i got out i couldn't stand. i'd spit out a tooth in the truck and i was bleeding from my mouth badly, i knelt on the pavement and spat blood out. i watched as six or seven cars passed me by as i knelt there bleeding, it was shame full.

people today are so scarded of killers and things that they won't even stop for someone who just had an accident, it makes me sick. but the lady i was following had actually turned around and came back, plus some people from this chiroprators place came to see what had happened. they said i had gone into shock from the sight of the pool of blood that was on the ground infront of me, and they layed me on my side. these people where nice, they even covered me with a blanket. but eventually the cops came and so did the ambuliance, i was loaded up and off to the nearist hospital. they scanned me and told me that i had broken my jaw on the steering wheel, cracked it in half (the steering wheel). while i was in the hospital, my brother, mom and my neice came to visit me. then a little later my uncle and his daughter came to see me, he was the only one one that wasn't seared for me, he knew i was stronger then my truck.

but i found out that my jaw was broken on the right side, and i'm heading in today to see a plastic sergen. they'll fix it and have me back in action soon enough, but for now i'll just enjoy the rest. Trouble and Sakura are coming over to keep me company, the doctor said i shouldn't be alone right now. the pain pills they got me on make me sleepy and barly put a dent in the pain, it hurts when i swallow and i can feel a tooth jammed behind the rest. i had spit out a tooth in the truck, but i think it was my extra one. from what i hear, Little Girl and everyone is worried for me. Boo arived this morning and came to see me with his brother, but i fell asleep during his visit. i hadn't slept all night and day untill i had slept when he came, but i'm fine now. it still hurts but doctors tell me i'm lucky to be alive so i'm happy.

Wish me luck everyone, i think i'll need it.....

Edit: i just got back from the doctors and found out what was wrong. it is a broken mandible on the right side, and a chip on the left side. the only problem is that there is a nerve in the center and if they touch it during the sergery, i could loose feeling on the right side of my jaw. so, i'll need all the luck i can muster.

Here are some pictures of the truck as it sits in my driveway, it's totaled. but my uncle says that he turned the key, and it still wants to start! this truck is the strongest thing i know, and i think it an honor that i could drive it untill it's day had come. the steering wheel is bent twords the dash from my jaw hitting it, and the window in the door is still intact.

Broken Jaw......