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New Artwork.

2008-08-09 15:39:14 by ShadowNazi169

These past few day have been different, lots of sex, drawing, gaming, partying, a couple of fights and some extreme drinking. But as i have been teaching Trouble to draw with care, i've been learning to draw a different style of furries from Sakura. and from the three of us, an idea sprung. we have decided to try and work on a comic together about some of the characters we just got done designing, and so we are gonna try.

The picture from trouble's page will be the main character, who's named Trouble Mcbride because he's modeled after trouble. and this is one i did, the female lead to the comics. Amsterdam Valinquest, trouble's inteligent girlfriend.

New Artwork.

Beer Run...

2008-07-31 15:01:58 by ShadowNazi169

i'm on for a few now, me, rebecca, boo and sakura are gonna go get some beers and celebrate sakura and trouble's engagement. i never thought he'd find someone to tie him down, but i think she's good for him. but here's a picture of me before i left for tokyo, it's a sketch . yes there is a picture that goes with it, but i'm an artist so i drew it instead.

yes those are 60's bellbottoms, and the tattoo is the alchemists cross or the staff of hermies. i don't have a shirt because i don't ware them anyways, pants are ok for public though.

Beer Run...

Project SS Final Solution.

2008-07-28 14:44:58 by ShadowNazi169

alright, thanks to mindchamber i have restarted an old project. i was reading his "building mindchamber" thread when it reminded me or an old project of mine, and i decided to start the sketches again. it was an old story line of mine, involving the nazis.

the basic plot was that it was the secret project of the SS Deathshead, their key to winning the war. it was thought up by Hinnrich Himler, head of the SS. it was to be called Jericho, the bringer of the end. the greatist german scientists where put on it and completed Jericho three months before japan bombed peral harbor, he was inspected by the fuirer and himler and sent on his first mission. but on that mission he was struck by lightning and reprogramed. he then stoped and wandered the countrysides of germany. he stumbled upon a battle ground, after some searching he found someone still alive. he discoved a little girl, she had been knocked out by a falling timber. he moved the timber and picked her up, she was only about 9. after she awoke, he decided to protect her and defy those who saught him out.

i'm redoing the sketches again for good reason, i'm gonna do like mindchamber. i'm gonna rebuild Jericho, i've built him before. the first one though was just a model, he couldn't move at all. so i'm gonna make him again, with moving joints and make him fully posable. my first one got comfiscated my my middle school principal, he had swastickas. i don't draw mecca's much so it's gonna be hard but worth it in the end, i just hope he doesn't end up too heavy.

Project SS Final Solution.

Oh My God....

2008-07-24 15:45:29 by ShadowNazi169

that was the single greatist party ever, but i feel like shit right now. i've got a handover the size of texas and cotton-mouth like a motherfucker. but i'll post before i need to go and wake the others, i'm the only one awake. it was great, after i landed Raging Boo (paleghostboo) and Sakura showed up to pick me up. we drove through the town and hatched a plan, we'd decided to suprise trouble with my arival. make him think that there'd been a delay, and to have the party anyways. so sakura called him when we got to the club and told him the news and he said alright and that he'd be there in a moment. so we entered and i hopped up into the booth on the ceiling with rebecca, and you ever get that feeling your being watched. well i didn'y KNOW she was up there, and she was stairing at me the whole time.

i only figured out she was there when she pinched my ass, i turned on her and she laughed. well as trouble was stuck in traffic, i was getting to know rebecca, and Raging Boo was getting to know lust and sakura. by the time trouble showed up i was already fingering rebecca, and not the bad kind. but when he showed up we where ready, me and rebecca where hide in the darkness swallowing the booth. when he got inside all he noticed was sakura, lust and raging boo. he walked below the booth and i jumped him, tackled from behind. i rolled out and stood up as he looked up, damn was he suprised. i helped him up and we walked over to the bar. it was then that rebecca turned on the music and everyone came out, friends from here in tokyo, violet, anthony, everyone. it was fucking awesome, we got high, we got drunk (except sakura, i kept drinking her beers!)

but it started to wind down and most people left to so have hang-overs at their places, and the girls decided to treat us boys to a show. sakura had decided that we needed a show. they decided to take a guy and do a special striptese, well i ended up with rebecca. she is weird, the body of a 15 year old but the mind of a 26 year old mastermind. sakura and trouble went in one room, me and rebecca in another, and lust decided she didn't want to be alone so she took raging boo, and then anthony and violet took her room. it was funny, sakura was the only sober one and almost had to help all of us down the halls! but after that, it was a great end to an awesome party. i worked out for me at least, i now have a little nympho at my side. which remindes me, i'd better go wake her and the others.

i still have my laptop so i'll post this last sketch i did, i'm gonna start a new project here in tokyo with trouble. i'll give updates later on what it is, it's top secret right now.

Oh My God....

Tokyo Here I Come!!!!

2008-07-23 19:34:36 by ShadowNazi169

It's finally that time guys, i'm flying over to tokyo to meet with trouble and stay at the club with the crew. we just took off and are heading over now, but it'll be a few hours untill we land so i think i'm gonna sit and play my shooter games or watch some south park. i'm gonna arrive just after they open tonight i think, so i think it was lust or sakura are gonna come get me from the airport. but this isn't what i wanted to talk about, i just wanted to talk about crap that's been going on in my head.
First on my list, I am a furry and damn pround to be one. that is what i say, and that is the truth. i'm a horse and i know other furries both in real life and here on newgrounds, there's more then you all know. my friends might be sex craving weirdos, but they don't wanna fuck animals. but i can't complain, i myself am a sex loving werido. it's funner that way, and i'm sure there are people here that are the same. me and some of my friends just got done playing strip pool in my basement before i left, i won. everyone else was down to boxers or nothing, i only lost my shirt. i wanted to play strip poker, but we couldn'e find a deck of cards. i'm gonna get off now and play my games on the flight, i'll post tomorrow and tell you how this is going down so far.

Later, Jack Krauser. The Reformed Shadow Artist.

Tokyo Here I Come!!!!

i'm up now because one of my buddies called me from his reform home, and so i had to get up at 9. i didn't go to sleep till about 3 because i was watching the gong show, it kicked ass! i hate waking up, i don't sleep much. my saying is that "there isn't enough hours in the day to do as we wish, so that is why there is night time." the down side is that sleep is needed, and it reeks havic on you the more you lose. that is what sucks, i'm an insomiac and don't sleep much as it is so it works for me. right up untill i do sleep, then i don't want to wake up. but i like the night time, most people sleep and so it's actually quite peaceful then. plus i can get online and use my computer without people caling me and bugging me every second of the day, i hate calls. but i've learned this, i don't need to call people back. if it's important enough, then they will call me back. and if they don't, it wasn't important enough to invole me.

Jack Krauser, Reformed Shadow Artist.

i'm awake and still tired...

Praise Reptor Jesus!

2008-07-18 04:21:35 by ShadowNazi169

How To Pray To Raptor Jesus:

1: The first thing you must do is accept Raptor Jesus as your personal savior. You must come to a belief that Raptor Jesus is the reptillion Son of God, and that He was hatched into this world for the sake of all humankind. Give your life over to Raptor Jesus, and He will do the rest.

2: Pray to Raptor Jesus every day. Raptor Jesus will be listening to your prayers, and he will answer your prayers. Decide to live your life for Raptor Jesus. Give up everything you have to follow Him. Raptor Jesus only wants what's best for you, and wants your soul to spend the rest of eternity in bliss with the Heavenly Father. That, my friends, is a pretty sweet deal!

3: Study the teachings of Raptor Jesus. Raptor Jesus preached love and forgiveness. Raptor Jesus said that if you have a coat, and another man does not, you should cut your coat in half, and give the half to the man without a coat. This is a beautiful and wise teaching of Raptor Jesus. Another beautiful teaching of Raptor Jesus is the suggestion that "The Kingdom of Heaven lies within." Praise Raptor Jesus! This is a deep concept, and if you think about it, you will realize that Raptor Jesus is right -- that the Kingdom of Heaven DOES lie within!

4: Be confident that Raptor Jesus has performed many miracles, such as walking on water, and turning some jugs of water into wine. And not just wine, but pinot noir wine! Raptor Jesus can heal people sickness just by touching them -- it's, like, easy for him. That's a strong case for the fact that Raptor Jesus is the True Lord!

5: You may want to consider starting your own Raptor Jesus Ministry. You may want to become the first Raptor Jesus TV preacher. The reason this is a good idea is that, TV preachers are almost all extremely, extremely rich. All they have to do is go on TV and tell people their sins will be forgiven, and that Raptor Jesus wants them to be rich and happy, and millions of people will send them money. So, you can become the first Raptor Jesus TV preacher, and you could get fantastically rich. That's okay -- Raptor Jesus wants you to prosper!

6: If you want to feel closer to Raptor Jesus, you may want to watch the movie "Jurassic Park." Raptor Jesus is not in this film, but many other raptors are, and watching raptors on TV makes you feel more comfortable with the concept of a Savior who is a reptile, and raptor. By watching Jurassic Park, you'll come to better appreciate the great power and strength of raptors. Just think how strong a raptor would be if it was THEE raptor -- Raptor Jesus. I mean, think about a raptor that has godlike powers. That's awesome!

7:Okay, consider this. Let's say you have a lot of serious problems. Perhaps you have a mountain of credit card debt. Or maybe you are cheating on your wife with your very hot and sexy secretary. Let's say you are afraid that you can't break off your affair with your secretary because you are addicted to the passion. Yet, you are all eaten up inside because of the guilt. What to do? It's easy! Give your problems over to Raptor Jesus! He will take care of your problems, and he will also forgive you. Raptor Jesus will forgive you when no one else will, so you don't need anyone else's forgiveness.

8:Teach your children about Raptor Jesus. Raptor Jesus is a good roll model for children because he is kind, all-wise, and extremely loving. If Raptor Jesus had only one dollar in his pocket, and he was starving, he would not go to McDonald's and order a McChicken sandwich from the dollar menu. No! Raptor Jesus would give that dollar to a homeless person so he could eat. Sure, the homeless man might spend that money on some cheap wine, but it's still a selfless act to give one's last dollar to someone else, even when one is hungry -- that's just the kind of God that Raptor Jesus is!

9: Let's say you are a woman. Well, what you could do is become a Nun, like a Catholic Nun, except in this case, you could become a Nun who is devoting her life to Raptor Jesus. You would be a Raptor Nun, or Raptor Sister, or whatever the case may be. This would be a good and meaningful life for any woman, young or old.

10: Let's say you're a man. You could choose to become a Priest that would be devoted to the teachings and life of Raptor Jesus. You could go to a Raptor Jesus seminary, and become an ordained Priest for Raptor Jesus. Doing so would be a blamesless and happy life -- a life that would have great meaning. Being a Priest for Raptor Jesus would be a life well-lived, and you would end up in Heaven afterwards, which just another advantage of being a Raptor Jesus Priest.

11: Spread the word about Raptor Jesus. His teachings should circle the globe, and make everyone happy!

12: Don't let people give you a bad time about being a worshipper of Raptor Jesus. If people give you a bad time about accepting Raptor Jesus as your Personal Savior, say to them: "Oh yeah, how would you like it if there was a another Hitler and he came over to kill you!" That will shut people up.

Praise Raptor Jesus, but for now i'm going to bed.
Jack Krauser, The Renewed Shadow Artist.

Praise Reptor Jesus!

Shadow Nazi Thoughts.

2008-07-17 20:31:30 by ShadowNazi169

What's up everyone, Jack Krauser here. and i think i'm just gonna post some random thoughts i've had over the last couple of days, prepare yourself.

alright, first i have my own artist thread in the BBS. it's called Shadow Art, and at first it was alright. i was posting my artwork and it was ok, but i was the only one posting. me and Trouble Mcbride (Bizenghast23), so it was kind of dull. but then other's started to post, commenting and such. but that was desasterious because it just ended in a match between me and them over who was right, and it was bad. but it was how they where posting, and i've agreed to stop my arguments and take their advice (even though i'd been taking it the whole time.) and use it.

next, i've realized that while i have no girlfriend right now. ALL MY FRIENDS DO!!! how is that possible? i know, because i need a stupid girl who will do as i say. i'm a very dominate person, and so i need somebody submissive. somebody that will do as i say without question, and do anything i tell them to do. so i need a blong girl with the I.Q. of a rock, a good body is prefered. but i can't complain, i know chicks in different states that would fuck me.

next again, i think i'm an addict. i'm addicted to.................NEWGROUNDS! the worst drug of them all, it entertains the mind with flash movies and games while causing minor eye damage. i've been on my computer almost everyday now, sitting on newgrounds posting, checking my inbox and checking for new comments. it's weird, i'm addicted to newgrounds and i like it! the only other reason i sit at my computer is to write my stories, and to spell check the old ones.

in conclusion, to all those who have questions about me, my name, my backround, anything about me, i'll answer any that you have. i get a lot of e-mails to my normal e-mail account about things i could just answer here, so if you have questions, post comments and i'll answer.

Also, I'll be leaving for Tokyo soon to join Trouble and see Violet and the crew. I'm gonna take my laptop so i can post and keep a watch on my Art Thread and Main Page, so don't think i've abandoned any of the people who are in contact with me. i'll try and get sakura and the other to write some shit or takesome pictures, but don't hold me to that.

Jack Krauser, The Recreated Shadow Artist.
(this is a quick sketch i did a couple of weeks ago, it's not gay. the one with the braided hair just saw his girlfriend raped and murdered, so it's a comforting piece.)

Shadow Nazi Thoughts.

Fates Designs, Scroll 2.

2008-07-14 01:41:34 by ShadowNazi169

Scroll 2:
The Princess Of Light
And The King Of Darkness.

The next morning, as the sun breaks over the hill Lucius opens his eyes; he looks down at Lilly, her eyes closed, a smile on her face. He quietly gets out of the hammock, stopping it from rocking with his hand. He gets dressed and lays a piece of paper in her hand, he gently kisses her cheek. He quietly climbs down the ladder and out the front door. Daxis is waiting on the ground; he is holding a long package. Lucius walks up to him and he smiles at him, "here. This is the gift for the princess." Lucius takes it and straps it to his back.

Lucius walks over to rain, she is standing waiting. He gets on and she walks out of the stall, "have a nice trip, and tell her that I said hey." he begins to walk back to the village, Lucius nodes and he and rain head towards the bridge. As they leave Lilly opens her eyes, she sits up, holding the blanket to her breasts. She holds up the paper in her hand. It is a picture of her, walking in the spring. She flips it over and this is written on it, "to Lilly, I will return.-Lucius"

She smiles and looks out the window to see Lucius heading out on rain. She smiles, "I'll wait for you to return Lucius." Lucius rides out accost the bridge and through the forest. He comes to the gate between the forest and the fields. A man walks over to him, "hey guy. you want to go to the fields right?" Lucius nodes, the guy walks over to the gate and unlocks it, "there you go, this is the only pass to the fields from the woods to the castle." Lucius smiles at the man and starts to ride on, the man waves at him, "have a good trip."

Lucius rides through the pass and to the fields; Lucius looks out on the open grassy fields covering the lands of arcana. He rides accost the field, the grass swaying in the breeze. He cross the bridge and follows the path to walls at the town, rain rides accost the bridge and into the town. The streets are busy with people hurrying around, Lucius looks around in wonder, he had never seen so many people before in his life.

He rides up to a guard and he looks adown, "yes, what would you like to know?" the guard asks looking at him; he notices Lucius' pointed ears. "Are you here to see the princess? You have the same look as her." He points to the huge wooden doors, the guard scribbles something on a piece of paper, he hands it to Lucius. "Here you go, hand this to the gatekeeper and he will let you in." Lucius nodes and walks rain through the crowds.

Lucius walks rain up the stone steps to the castle doors; the path is free of people. He stops rain and jumps down, rain nays as he jumps off. He pats her and walks over to the gatekeeper, a huge man with fire red hair and a long beard. He looks down at Lucius, "what do you want little man?" Lucius holds up the note, the man takes it and examines it, he looks down at Lucius.

Noting his pointed ears, he tosses the note and nodes, "I'll let you in, the princess is expecting you already." He pushes the huge wooden door; it creaks open and Lucius smiles at the man, and walks through. The castle is enormous, its marbled surfaces reflecting the sun's light. Lucius looks up in wonder; it seems to him that the tallest tower pierces the sky.

He walks accost the grounds, and around the huge fountain, it's statue a marble master piece of the three gods of arcane. He walks up to the door and knocks tentatively. A small slot opens and eyes pear at him, "yes? Who is it?" they look at Lucius, he smiles at the eyes. "what do you want?" the eyes look at his ears, "are you here to see the princess by chance?" Lucius nodes, the slot closes and the door opens.

Lucius walks in and sees that the eyes belong to a young women, her looks aristocratic and authorative. She bows to him, "are you from the donovine providence?" Lucius nodes and she smiles. "The princess has been expecting you. This way." She starts to lead him through to a stair well. They begin to walk up the stairs, "I have never met another elf before, the princess will be pleased to see you." She says as they come to a door.

She opens the doors to reveal the throne room; a massive hall with stone pillars holding the curved ceiling, in the far end there stands a massive statue of the three goddesses. The two walk up to the statue, at its base is a curtained area. "Your highness, I have brought the young elf." the lady bows and Lucius does the same. After a moment a graceful hand lifts Lucius' chin, he looks up into the face of the princess.

"I have been expecting you. I am princess zera. Ruler of arcana." she smiles at his eyes take her in, he stands and zera looks at her servant," I wish to speak to him in privet. You may go Kari." She nodes and walks back out of the room, zera walks over the curtained area, moving the curtain she looks back at Lucius, "this will suffice." Lucius nodes, he walks over and follows the princess in.

In side the area sits a rounded bed, with fat cousions. Zera lays on this and Lucius stands. "How is daxis?" she asks looking into his eyes, his nodes and smiles at her, "he still remembers me..." she shakes her head, "did you know he used to be my protector?" Lucius shakes his head, looking at her questioningly. "Yes, he was the greatest fighter in this castle." She says with pride.

"Lucius, do you know who you are?" she asks looking into his eyes, he shakes his head. "You're an elf like me, but you also possess a greater power, granted to you by the goddesses." She shows him the back of her left hand, three points spin, their tails almost touching the next, the three connected in the middle. "This is the tri-crest, the mark of the goddesses." Lucius looks at the one on his hand.

"I see that you have been wondering about the mark. It means that you where chosen by the goddesses for a purpose." He looks back at her with understanding, "but you yourself will need to discover that purpose. It will reveal itself in time." Suddenly there is an explosion and the lady comes running into the room, "princess, the castle is under attack."

Zera gets up and says, "Bring me my sword." The lady nodes and hurries off, zera turns to Lucius, "will you help me defend this castle?" luscious nodes he takes the package off his back, handing it to zera she opens it. It is a special sword, the blade thick and curved. "The elf's tears. Daxius' sword." She hands it to Lucius, "use this to defend myself and this court." He nodes and takes it from her.

Guards rush into the room and take up fighting positions, "princess zera, this enemy is different. They're not from this world." One shouts as the lady runs back in. she hands zera her long sword and bow, "thank you, now go. Hide yourself in the shadows." The lady nodes and hurries off down a side hall. "We must defend this castle, even at the cost of our lives. For arcana and the goddesses." Zera says as they wait.

Then the massive doors blow open and black smoke rolls in and over the guard by the door. Then screams are heard and weird creature come rushing out from the smoke. They grab the guards and smash the struggling ones into the floor. The smoke clears and they see that all the guards have been captured, some are dead, one man in an armor helmet stands guarded by two creatures.

"Good evening princess zera." He says walking forward, the creatures walking behind him. Lucius takes a fighting position, "my name is Kara, and I rule the twilight world. I've come to take control of this world of light. Give up now and live." Zera shakes her head and stairs at him, "where there is hope, there is light. I will fight you and hold this world in that light."

Kara laughs at this, "this is no choice, this is the fate of the castle, nigh, the entire land of arcana. So choose princess." She looks at Lucius and he nodes at her. "Live or die zera. Live or die. The choice is yours." Lucius rushes Kara and the two guard creatures rush at him. Lucius dodges one of them and slashes the other along the side. It shrieks and falls to the floor, Lucius jams his sword into its back.

The other rushes at zera, with one quick motion she slices it in half. She smiles at him, "you attacks will fail for I am one chosen by the goddesses." Lucius walks over to Kara, just out side striking range. "If this is your choice, then I will oblige. You have chosen." Lucius rushes Kara and tries to strike at him, Kara moves to the side just in time. He raises his hand and small black particles gather by his hand. They cram together and form a long black sword.

"This is twilight's bane. It will send you to your fate." Lucius stands ready to fight. He rushes Kara and spins around slicing at his legs; Kara jumps this and slices downwards, Lucius moves to Kara's back and strikes. The slick splits open the back of Kara's jacket revealing a bright red tattoo. The sword strikes his helmet and breaks off.

"It seams that you have lost." Kara turns as the hole was fixing it self with those strange black particles. He waves his hand over Lucius. Suddenly Lucius is thrust into the air and then flies accost the room into one of the pillars. He slams into it and falls to the floor. "Lucius!" zera runs for him but Kara stops her, she hovers into air unable to move her arms or legs. "This kingdom will never truly be yours to control." She says as he approaches.

"Darkness will fill this land like the plague, enveloping it in eternal twilight. This is the fate you have chosen zera." Kara turns and waves his hand over to open door. The light begins to fade into twilight, the sun blacked out in a mass of clouds. Zera watches as her guards are turned into spirits, "no. Lucius, run!" she shout as it reaches him.

He jolts in pain and Kara and Zera watch as he is transformed into a black wolf, long spike reaching back, shining their silvery blond. He jerks and lays down, unconscious. Kara walk over to him, "so, it would seem that you are one of the goddesses' children too." He motions to one of the creatures, "take him and lock him away." The creature nodes and hauls Lucius away by a back leg.

"I will lock you in the tower of this castle; you are going to watch as your lands are destroyed." Kara says walking over to zera. "As long as the hero lives, this land will belong to light." She says staring at him with contempt. He motions to two creatures, "take her." They node and haul zera down the hall. A small creature is seen behind one of the pillars, she stairs off after Lucius, she smiles wickedly.

(original title page for the first book, from left to right. Daxis, Darius, Lucius, and Lilly.)

Fates Designs, Scroll 2.

Stories From Shadow Nazi.

2008-07-13 14:31:13 by ShadowNazi169

i think i'm gonna post some of my stories here in my news posts, people can read them and tell me what they think. i'll do it chapter by chapter, this is my newest one, set in the past.

Fates Design.
The Tales of Lucius.
By Shadow Nazi.

Scroll 1:
Family and Friends

"You know. This time of day is the most wonderful." says the man by the river. His face hardened from years in the sun. He sits by the bank of a stream, his clothes waving in the wind. "The hour of twilight is the time of the gods." he says to the young man. The man walks up and sits next to the man, his body young and strong. His hair hangs in long spikes, shinning bright yellow. His silver eyes focus on the man."Lucius, do you know what the legend of twilight is?" the kid shakes his head. "They say that there is another world connected to this world, a world covered in the light of twilight."

"The hour of twilight here is the only time our two worlds connect." he says looking up into the trees and sky, the hour of twilight is here and the sky is a beautiful shade of purple. The kid looks up into the sky, he smiles. The man stands, "I think we should head back to the village now. The mayor said he wanted to se us." he brushes him self off and hold out his hand. Lucius grabs it and Daxis helps him up. Lucius nodes and the two start back through the forest.

They cross the bridge and Daxis locks the gate. They pass the spring and Lucius sees the mayor daughter, Lilly. She is washing his horse, rain. They walk down the path and into the outer ring of the village. Lucius' house is off to the left, it is a huge hollowed out tree with a ladder leading to the front door. Daxis smiles, "still can't see why you live out here." they walk through an over pass and into the main part of the village.

The village consists of six houses and a ranch that over looks the village on the hill. The first house is the general store. As they enter and pass the villagers wave at them. They wave back and walk on. Then a group of children run up to Lucius. Four in total, two girls and two boys. One of the boys is wearing a headband and smiling big, the other is wearing a green sown shirt and shorts. "Hey there kids." Daxis says ruffling the hair of the on in green. "Lucius did you hear?!?" says the on with the bandana.

Lucius shakes his head; "they got a slingshot at the store!" he jumps up and down, Lucius smiles at him. "How do you think we can get our hands on it?" he says, he turns to one of the girls, she is a little older and has her hair done up in a neat pony tail. "Can't you just let us borrow it!?" she shakes her head, "you know I can't! I would get in trouble with my parents!" Daxis lays a hand on Lucius' shoulder, "I'll meet you at the mayor's house." Lucius smiles and daxis walks off.

The other boy looks up at Lucius, he smiles and Lucius smiles back. "Hey Lucius, think we can all play later?" says the little boy in green. "Play what Darius?" says the kid in the headband. "Anything I guess Angelo." the older girl looks at Lucius and says, "Who wants to play with you boys anyways? We girls call dibs on Lucius." the younger girl says," yeah. We call him." Angelo look at the older girl, "no we get Lucius Katie!"

Darius looks at them, "can't we all just play together?" he says looking at them. They turn on him and says, "No!" he jumps and Lucius smiles. He pats Darius' head and walks towards the mayor's house leaving the group arguing. He walks up to the house by the entrance of the hill. Walking up to the door he knocks. "Come in!" says a voice. Lucius opens the door to see Daxis standing with the mayor, a big man with a bald head and small eyes. His mustache hangs down past his chin."Ah Lucius, we where just talking about you." he says.

Lucius walks over and nodes. "I was just talking with Daxis about the delivery to the castle." says the mayor smiling at Lucius. "Yes and we have come to a joint decision." Daxis says looking at Lucius, he nodes at Daxis. "We have decided that we want you to take the gift to the princess." the mayor says with a smile. Daxis nodes, "yes, I think it is time you meet the princess, she is a gentle person." the mayor puts a finger in the air, "and she is an elf, like you Lucius." Lucius feels his pointed ears.

"we need you to take it tomorrow, the princess sent word that tomorrow is when she has no prior business to attend to." says the mayor as he crosses his arms. Daxis lays a hand on Lucius' shoulder, "this will be your first time out side the forest." Lucius nodes, the mayor smiles, "don't worry it will be fine." Lucius nodes, him and Daxis head to the door. "Take care of your self guys." says the mayor as they open the door, he waves as they leave. "Thanks mayor."

The two walk out side and to the road. "Want to spare before you leave?" Daxis asks looking at the children playing. Lucius nodes and Daxis looks over at his house. His wife is sitting on the porch, their dog sitting next to her. "Go to your house and get your wooden sword. We can spare in the ranch." Daxis walks down the road to his house, Lucius watches as his wife stands and kisses his cheek. Lucius runs down the path to the overpass.

He climbs the ladder and opens the door. The children walk up and wait. Lucius opens his door and jumps down with his sword on his back. "Are you going to spar with Daxis?" Angelo asks looking excited. Lucius nodes, they cheer, "can we watch Lucius?" asks Katie looking at Lucius. Lucius nodes. They walk back through the village to the ranch. As the crest the rise they see Daxis talking with the rancher. "Hey Lucius!" he waves at him and the children.

They walk up;" I see we gained some observers." Daxis says looking at the kids. The rancher shakes hands with Lucius, "thanks for the other day. The cow just won't listen to me anymore." he heads over to the gate and out it to his house. Daxis nodes at Lucius, he draws his sword and so does Lucius. The kids run back and sit down. "Alright, show me what you can do." Daxis says, getting in his fighting position. Lucius jumps up into the air, bringing his sword down, Daxis shields it with his armored forearm.

Lucius lands and spins around, Daxis jumps back. He swings and stops it at Lucius' side. "Remember that the sword is not the only weapon you hold." Lucius nodes he rolls around Daxis and fakes a strike. Daxis spins around to meet Lucius' sword point at his throat. "Good." Lucius stands, he attacks with a stab. Daxis deflects it and Lucius back spins and stops it at Daxis' side. "You've been practicing." Lucius nodes.

"Your sword skill is good, now we need to test your hand-to-hand." the two stake their swords in the ground, they stand looking at the other. "Come attack me as if I where trying to harm someone you care for." Lucius nodes. "Go Lucius!" shouts Katie, she is staring at Lucius dreamily. Daxis takes off his armor and his shirt. Lucius does the same, taking off his shirt and draping it over his sword. He launches out at Daxis.

He tries a sweeping kick, Daxis jumps into the air. Lucius strikes with an upper-cut. Daxis catches it and tosses Lucius back. Lucius runs at him and does a jumping round house, Daxis catches it, and Lucius slams his fist into Daxis' side as he is flipped upside down. Daxis drops Lucius and Lucius spins around to his back and gets Daxis in a headlock. "Good, but." Daxis says, he grabs Lucius' arm and pulls him over his head, slamming him down on the grass.

"That was good. Your strength has gotten better."Daxis says looking down at Lucius, holding his side. The kids run over and stair at them, "that was awesome!" Angelo says, Katie kneels down next to Lucius, "are you ok?" she asks, he smiles at her. "Are you ok dad?" Darius asks, Daxis ruffles his hair, "yeah, I'm fine." he helps Lucius up and they grab they shirts and armor. "I think you will do fine tomorrow. Be sure to get a good sleep." Lucius nodes and they all head back down the hill.

Daxis and Darius head back to their house. "Night Lucius." Katie says, her and her sister head back to their house. Lucius walks through the over pass; he comes to his house to see Lilly with rain. She is brushing rain's main. She turns as Lucius sets his things down by the ladder. Lilly looks at him as he walks up. "Hey Lucius, I washed rain for you." he smiles at her and nodes. "Rain's a girl too so you need to treat her like one." he looks at rain, she looks back at him. Lilly looks at Lucius, she smiles. "You were training with Daxis again weren't you?"

He nodes and she puts a hand on his shoulder. "I heard that you will be taking the gift to the princess tomorrow." he nodes again and looks into her eyes. "Can I stay with you tonight? I don't want to be alone, something is wrong with the land and I'm scared." Lucius nodes and walks over to rain, he pats her back and she calms down. Lilly walks over to the ladder and climbs up.

Lucius grabs his stuff and climbs up. Lilly opens the door and they go in, Lucius sets his stuff down and light's the fire in the fireplace. It lights the room and Lilly sits down on the couch, "this is the first time I've been in your house." she says looking around. Lucius nodes and walks down a flight a stairs. After a few minutes Lucius comes back up the stairs rubbing his hair with a rough towel, he looks at Lilly who is looking at something on a shelf.

He walks over to her and she says, "do you remember this?" she is holding a sketch done by Daxis. It show when Lilly first played with Lucius, she was feeling his ears and he was smiling. Lucius nodes, "the whole time I couldn't stop looking at your ears, I thought they where the coolest things ever." she sets it back down, Lucius puts his hands on her shoulders. "Do you feel it Lucius?" she closes her eyes and puts her hands on his. "The forest, the animals, they can sense that something weird is happening."

Lucius nodes, he looks out the window and sees the darkness covering the village. Lilly walks over to the couch and sits down, Lucius sits next to her. "I want to ask you something Lucius." he smiles at her and listens carefully, "I want you to promise me, that you'll come back safe from your journey." she takes his hands in hers. He looks at her with interest, then he nodes. Lilly hugs Lucius, he wraps his arms around her, and she opens her eyes and says, "I will wait for you."

She looks around, "where do you sleep?" he points up to a hole in the ceiling, a ladder leads up to it. Lucius grabs her hand and guides her over to it, he nodes as she puts a hand on it. "ok." she says and starts to climb up. Pushing back the cover she gets up, she gasps as she sees that his room is a small jungle, a hammock is hanging between two thick branches. Lucius gets up and smiles. "It's amazing. So beautiful." Lucius moves a branch and reveals a second hammock. "Can sleep there tonight?"

Lucius nodes and she hugs him. "thanks." she gently gets into it and it swings back and forth. Lucius smiles, Lilly leans up and kisses Lucius on the cheek. Lucius smiles and walks over to his and climbs in, he looks up to the ceiling, the trees leaves a gentle green he closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep. The night blows over the village, bathing it in its dark calm.

Lucius sleeps and dreams of the past, then something moves his bed, it swings back and forth a little, and Lucius opens his eyes. He looks to see what it was to see Lilly lying there with her eyes closed, she cuddles up to Lucius, he wraps one arm around her and smiles. Lucius closes his eyes and sleeps with Lilly at his side. Her body agents his, the two warm and peace restored.