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pissed off here...

2008-06-28 12:18:36 by ShadowNazi169

ok, i still can't figure out how people find me other then clicking my name from the blogs, but i'm barely ever in there because i have a very low tolerance for idiots. and people have been leaving coments on a couple of my news posts, i don't mind them. i won't delete them and i'll resond to them, but for the idiots out there, if your gonna try and insault me, leave a reason. because if you don't i'll just fucking yell at you because i can just PM anybody who posts a coment. i hate idiots, probibly because i have an I.Q. of over 210, plus i'm a trafficer of information. but i can deal with idiots, they just piss me off how dumb they can be sometimes, i just want to take an M-80 and jam it up their ass and light it. stupid people need to hide from those who possess intalect or act like you know what we are talking about. acting stupid and being stupid are different things also, people who act dumb are most likly intelagent peole with stupid friends. if people are gonna act stupid, please do it away from me, or i might try and kill you! i have friends who are intulectuals and we can hold conversations that confuse those with degrees in almost anything. i've personally outsmarted people with degrees in accouting, business, artistry, math, and language. so stupid is something that other never call me, i can talk my way into anything and make people do as i please because of my ways with words. i am a master of words and their uses, they help convay what is truely ment in my writen comic lines. but i just needed to get this off my chest, i have greater things to do today. if people post on this and want to argue with me feel free, there's a high chance i'll win though. it's nice using larger words on idiots, just to see the look on their faces.

Writen by:
Jack Krauser, The Shadow Artist.

pissed off here...

new computer!

2008-06-27 23:01:44 by ShadowNazi169

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got a new computer, and it kicks ass. but i can't tell you what it is right now, my tower is cramed inbetween the wall and the side of my desk. the internet cable was too short and that was where i had to put it. the only thing i can tell you is that it's a gateway, and it uses vista. i don't really have a problem with vista, it just takes up a lot of memory. but that works because that just mean they ramp up the max memory tou can use. my only problem now is that i need a new graphic tablet, i accadently broke mine. i was redoing my room, and it was onto of my bed. i have a bunk bed/futon, it makes for good store space and great for gaming marathons. but it was on top and my cat "dude" knocked it off the edge by accident and it cracked in half. but it's alright, i was contimplating getting a new one anyways. this just gives me time to go through my writen stories and check them for errors in spelling, puncuation, and anything else it finds, i'll feel like an idiot if it finds alot though. but i think i'm gonna go through some of the forums quick and see if there is anything worth commenting on so i'll end this before i start to rant.

new computer!

Sleep needed?

2008-06-20 04:06:44 by ShadowNazi169

i'm on again only after a couple of days offline, and nothing new has shown up yet on me page. but i figured that, i only expected an e-mail from TheReno, but my box was empty! it's ok though, we where only arguing about what style of attack was better. but i realive how much to has sucked, i've sat on my ass all day watching "Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex" and making new sketches of my "Smooth Criminals" characters. the only good thing i did was i went and got new glasses because i went and lost my old ones, it's so fuckin hot around here you could fry eggs shell! it sucks around here, others say i have shit to do because i have a pool table, a slot machine, a pinball machine, a hot tub, and a couple of trucks. it bores the fuck out of me, i'm here with this carp all the time and have discoved a few things.
1: i'd be a gambler if mine wasn't free.
2: i'm a great pool player.
3: i hate my pinball machine!
4: my hot tub is more fun with girls, rubbers arn't needed...
5: my trucks eat gas like a french dude drinks wine.
6: i have so many fucking characters for my comics i can think of no more.

Conker Live and Reloaded

2008-06-17 15:07:50 by ShadowNazi169

i'm an avid video gamer, played almost any most people can think of. but my favorite so far is "Conker Live and Reloaded" for X-Box, plus the original "Conker's Bad Fur Day" but i've beaten both enough to tell you everything that will happen. but i've been screwing around on the multiplayer war mode, and i've still got the skillz to kill anything that comes my way. i'm best with the sneeker, thermophiles, and long rangers. or there are three ways i can kill you, cut your head off with a sword, light you on fire or melt you with acid, or blow DU tipped bullets through your skull from acrost the battle grounds. it makes no difference to me, my kill counter is usually over 200 every 10-20 minute match, depending on the envornment. smaller spaces with the sneeker will help it go higher.

Conker Live and Reloaded

War Tactics...

2008-06-16 20:08:44 by ShadowNazi169

Alright, over the last few days i've been in a heated conversation with TheReno. We are discussing which style of war tactics is better, Mercinaries or Thieves. He likes the mercinaries style, go in and just waste everything in sight, use force extensively. but my prefrenceis Thieving Tactics, it may take longer but is worth it. Here let me lay it out for you, Step by Step...

1:Set up a hide-out near your targets base, allowing for a constant flow of information.
2:Send a man in to recon the opperation, taking pictures of important things like Security, Staff, Target, Possible Entrences, and Treasures.
3:Take the photos from recon and use them to set up a series of smaller missions that will feed into the larger mission later.
4:after achieving the smaller missions, you must make the master plan.
5:Set the master plan in motion, taking out the targets opperation.
6:Take out the target and snag what ever they where carrying that was important to the opperations, and snag some valuables at the same time.
7:Excape leaving the Target incopasitated, letting the cops get them and averting press attention away from you and twords the police.

Even Mercinaries need to use Thieving Ops to access secure areas of bases and locations, it's just good to have an experienced Thief on hand to carry it out.

War Tactics...


2008-06-15 22:25:48 by ShadowNazi169

i'm think in that i'll try to do a post evertime i am on newgrounds, just to speak me mind about anything i want. (shadow foamy?) i think to day is for video gamers. as some of you may know, i'm a big time video gamer. if there is a game, i've probibly beaten it already. but the thing that pisses me off the most is those fucking peope who think that playing viseo games makes you stupid, (pause while i laugh my ass off...) these people need to be killed with a controler wire wraped around their throats! i've learned alot of things from video games, i can out smart people with a degree in accounting and business. i mastered economics class simulations, and i barely even tried. if i have another person come up to me and tell me that "violent video games teach children to behave violently," i'm gonna beat them to death with an NES! i grew up playing violent video games like duke nukem and conker's bad fur day, i'm just fine. if a child plays a violent video game and behaves violently, it falls direstly onto the parents of this little fucker. most violent video games are rated M for GOOD REASON, don't buy them for children under the age of 14! "well Violence only breeds more violence," that may be true but it doesen't mean that onlt video gamers are the one responcible. have you ever seen a person who plays "God Of War" go out, buy twin chain swords, and go around kiling people?!? i didn't think so, these fuckers need to remember that they played games too. Mario was all about drugs, you eat a mushroom and get taller, eat a flower and you can throw fire, gumbas looked like walking mushrooms, and who else but a stoner could think of a giant fire breathing lizard to gaurd a princess who needs to be rescued by a plumber!!! HOW POOR IS THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM, if a plumber is their savior, they had better be dirt poor and he's the richest person living there.

I hope you enjoyed my rambling about morons, and if you didn't you need to go shove a guitar hero game controler up you ass, neck last!
Jack Krauser, The Shadow Artist


proudly a fur...

2008-06-14 14:40:48 by ShadowNazi169

after a good nights sleep, i'm awake again and back on newgrounds. i've been up all night reading through some of the forums, mostly the one's on furries. through that which i have read, i've learned that there are a sustancle number of newgrounds members that are against furries. i'm a furry and i'm proud to say it, i've been one for years now and have converted other to being furries along with me. but the thing i see is the hatred twords us, the simple minded mentality that leads to this kind of discrimination is born of ignorance alone. people see us furries as freaks, beasteality practishiners, or abominations to god. i'm sorry to report to you all but wishing damnation on me is a waste, i'm damned to hell but three different priests in texas. i don't believe in beasteality, and i don't think it's a lifestyle.
i'm pround to say that i'm a furry and i'm going to make a great furries flash series that those of us who are, will come to enjoy. those of you who hate, are not even worth the effort of trying to talk to, it would be a waste of my time.

name explained...

2008-06-01 03:19:20 by ShadowNazi169

alrightly then, i am back on newgrounds. it still can't find out how anyone can find my ass on newgrounds, i can't find myself! but apon returning to newgrounds, i found an e-mail from someone asking about my name. my offical nickname is shadow nazi, for all those who wish to know i'm gonna explain it.
i'm of german descent, but i'm not a hitler nazi. i do think that his dream was a great on but still unachievable, he wished for a greater race who could rule. the mass genoside of the jewish people of germany was wrong, it was wrong and i don't believe in that at all. i've been called a neo nazi but don't think i am. i don't wish to revive nazism but believe it was a start for a better future, my name comes from my wrath. i commite all seven deadly christian sins everyday, but wrath and lust are my favorites.
because of my wrath, i have an alter ego. shadow is his name and he has been declaired a psychopath by several trained psychologists, when i get angry he starts to get releaced. people have learned not to piss me off because of him, the last person to piss me off enough to set him free got his fingers broken. people have called me shadow nazi because i can sneak up on anyone despite my size, and my tactics are ruthless.
i'm the shadow nazi and i'll stick with it, i'm not racist against jews or wish to bring nazism to power again. i'm just called that because of shadow and my ruthless tactics, i've broken people's fingers, arms, and knees because they helped set shadow free. i just want to make a series that people will like and come to watch, if you don't lie my name then you don't have to watch hope y stuff.
i thank you all for reading this damn long blog and nope that you all wait and watch "Night Life."

newgrounds fans...

2008-05-05 18:49:00 by ShadowNazi169

i recently got back onto grounds after i got home from work to discover a couple of new comments on my last posts. i didn't know anyone would find me except my buddys and some of the people that are helping with the voices for "Night Life." i would first like to thank those that at least sympithized with me on the problems i'm haveing currently with my software, if it hadent crashed, i'd already have the series started and the first couple episodes on newgrounds. now on to the one that decided to get angry, and i think i know why that person got angry. my offical name is "Shadow Nazi," this won't change no matter what. if you think that i'm like the socialist workers party of germany in the past, then you need to e-mail me dirrectly. bring your complaints to me personally. if my set plans go well then by the end of june, the first episode should be in newgrounds and second close behind it. thank you for listening to me complain about idiots and hope you watch my series when it is complete.

my first project

2008-05-03 02:58:16 by ShadowNazi169

My first planed project for newgrounds is going to be a flash series named "Night Life" it's about this underground club called the "slaughter house" and a mechanic / special trainer named Riddick. i think you all will get a kick out of this series, if all goes as planed then there will be more to the series then meet the eye. it's got hentai, furies, fighting, mobs, cops, drugs, sex, stripping, street racing, anything you can think of that fucking rocks is probably in this series.